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December 31, 2011

Relief …

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What a season.  Going into the match I was wondering when exactly Postecoglou’s job comes under threat?  Would it be 7 losses in a row?  9?

Once a team has lost its mojo that kind of run is possible.

Is everything sunny and fine now?  Probably not – this team is gonna have to struggle and claw to stay on top of things.  As long as they make mistakes like the pass that lead to Harry’s goal, or Theo’s pass to Amini.  Can they get rid of those brain farts?

Some interesting tweaks in the game plan.  They have played with 3 at the back before – but using a central midfield pair, and having them take turns going forward?  Asked a lot more of Paartalu attack wise.  That double pivot also took defensive / distribution responsibility off nichols.  The other change was Berisha dropping off the line to get involved … worked a treat that.

Everything is not sunny and fine – but those missing players hopefully will come back and find a more resillient supporting cast.  A supporting cast that have grown with the buffeting they have have taken over the last month.

Hope so.

ps.  Feels like a battle between Visconte, Issey and Danning as to who gets on the park.  Guessing Visconte gets the nod over Danning for general game sense?  Wasn’t sold on Visconte when he started getting game time, but can’t complain at all about his work last night.  Bratten growing with the game time.  Hmmm, is there some way to get Steffanuto, Franjic and Hingert on the field at the same time?


December 18, 2011

Personnel or focus?

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Hmmm, no Broich for the last 3 games.  Or four games.

And Henrique’s been out too.

But the players that have been out on the pitch the last few games have played well in patches.  Not even sure if played well is the term I am grasping for … focused?  Switched on?  IF Roar had played well for 90 minutes, not just in patches – I don’t think that they would have lost 4 games in a row.  It wouldn’t have been 4 wins probably, but it wouldn’t have been 4 losses.

Very much a lost opportunity for the players that were on the pitch.  Lost opportunity for regular starters to show they can take on more responsibility.  Lost opportunity for the guys brought into the squad to show they belong.

December 17, 2011

4 losses

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Well played Central Coast.

Yup, 4 losses.  And this one started with a goal coming from a brainfart by Theo.  And the second goal came with a brain fart by Jurman (I could be wrong on the second – nobody tracked Bojic coming forward, but Jurman didn’t seem particularly aware of him as he was coming into his zone either).

Despite this, I feel quite positive and see Brisbane in the grand final again – possibly with a better team than last season’s.

There is a plan in place.  A way of playing, an identity.  Something worth sticking with I think.

Supporting players have gotten a taste of life without Broich / Henrique … some look stronger, some have lost their way.

Adnan is finding his feet very very well.  Wins everything in the air, comfortable on the ball, mobile for a tall CB, and such a sweet sweet passer of the ball.  If he could head goals he probably wouldn’t have spent his career at CB methinks …

Hingert looked very good out there.  Steffanuto has been such a stalwart for the side; but the team gained something with Hingert in his place.

Oh, I finally got what the fuss is about Bratten.  Never really saw it before, but now I think I get it.  He passes accurate, he passes with speed, he can disguise where a pass is going, and he passes forward.  Even his diagonal passes are slanted more forward.  He gives teammates something to run onto; he creates forward momentum with his passes.

December 16, 2011

Big picture themes …

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Think back.  Back to before the A-league started.  What were the key messages about the new league.

1 – The new league would be run in a business like manner by business people.  Community based clubs with ties / history connected to 1 ethnic group could not run themselves professionally nor represent the whole of a city.

2 – The games would be held at the best available stadia.

It is point 1 I am interested in this morning … the move to secure foreign funding of clubs.  When the league was starting, with all that optimism and what not, there was no discussion of foreign investment.  But now it is very much part of the environment.  What does it mean?  Aussie money is now unwilling to invest/lose money on soccer?

What happens if the foreign investment stops flowing?

December 14, 2011

3 losses – a new challenge

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Everyone knew that this season would bring different challenges for the Roar. New players, a big old “you are the champions” target on their backs, opponents who had more time to prepare new approaches against the Roar, barely squeaking past CCM in the final (and with two of CCMs young players from that final, Amini and Ibini, looking to be developing very nicely) …

And now 3 losses on the trot. And the next game is the Mariners.

: )

Its a test of character.  And a challenge.


December 13, 2011

Brisbane vs Heart – Brisbane lost because …

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I dunno.  And I was there.

Because –

Heart were able to effectively use a variety of pressing techniques, gave Brisbane little time on the ball and kept their shape very well and snuffed out any threat that Brisbane might have posed in the first half

Brisbane Roar were not focused and unable to execute their game plan

Ange was too slow in realising changes needed to be made to the personnel on the pitch

The roar did not execute the chances they created well enough

Paartalu missed an open header.  He is usually good at headers

Or none of those reasons.  Or all of those reasons.  Or a combination of some of those and some others I hadn’t thought of …

A game is such a mishmash of little moments, combinations, mistakes and good play – how do you attribute the result to one thing?

December 9, 2011

Last night’s loss

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I didn’t feel bad at the end of last night’s loss to the Heart.

Eventually the Roar did get up a head of steam, chances were made, chances were missed.  I find it much more frustrating when a team can’t create chances at all.  And I have watched plenty of football where teams have struggled to do that.

So now Brisbane has twice as many losses as last year.  But I think there could be opportunities for growth here.  This year’s team might lose more but in the end be a better team.

I think there is room for improvement in the team; and Ange seems the kind of guy who would keep on seeking that.  Teams are better prepared for the Brisbane approach – so the speed and the quality of passing and movement has to go up a notch.  How many times last night did a Brisbane player receive, turn and pass forward?  I think that is one of the toughest skills in the game. And putting the ball in the net is a skill.  Just like passing, and tackling, and dribbling.  Its not a lucky dip.  One of the guys who knows where the net is had a bad game (Issey), another played fairly deep and rarely got into those kinds of positions (Mitch), and the other was nowhere to be seen (Meyer).

No Broich, no Henrique – opportunities for the supporting cast to step up.

Starting to wonder if Massimmo has the personality to take on a bigger role with the team.  The skills are all there, but has he got the temperment to be a leader?

Next week is the CCM : )

Tasty : )

Missed opportunity for the Heart

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I quite like the Heart.  Nice Jersey, some good young aussie talent playing for them, playing good football.

But I have to say they missed an opportunity last night.  They had played a brilliant 40 minutes and had the Champs on the ropes.

And they stopped playing.  Why not keep on doing what they had done in the first 40 minutes?  How is waiting for the finish that early any safer than letting Brisbane play?

And play Brisbane did.  Better finishing would have seen Brisbane win it.

Keep on playing get another goal maybe.  But even more importantly make a statement that you are one of the teams that’ll be in the hunt for trophies at the end of the year.  Right in the hunt.

Instead, they stopped playing and rode their luck home to a win.

They may have picked up 3 points, but that was a missed opportunity.

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