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November 26, 2011

The matchday experience …

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Been very much enjoying games at suncorp … the football has been top notch, even when its only been 10000 in cavernous lang park the support has been noisy, fantastic stadium, good playing surface, good prices, easy to get to and from games, no security issues …

Loving it.  But good can always be better : )

Was waiting around for my cousin pre-match.  There were people milling around, a deejay, and a junior mini match … and I ended up killing time by making some calls and emails …

But what if I had no urge to kill time?  What if my matchday experience was SO GREAT that I (and many many others) were arriving 2 hours early?

My dream match day experience …

That lovely big space where the dee jay was – get some buskers and street performers in there … a mini stage maybe with a couple of bands playing?  And maybe that salsa / samba bunch (like friday nights near the casino/city library) … more small sided games for the kids.  a small sided game space for bigger kids / adults.  Oh, I saw this arcade soccer game when I was in Japan … where you have to take penalty kicks and place the ball in certain spaces in a grid – get one of those going and whoever scores the highest on the afternoon wins something (maybe a scarf).  The cafe space there should put out some outdoor tables and a little espresso stand.  Some of those soccer table games, with the handles.  A covered area with some playstations with fifa running …

a little kids keepy uppy contest?  a space for freestylers to do their tricky stuff?

and fire eaters.  And inside the stadium – a brass band playing seven nation army. Alternating with Led Zeppellin’s immigrant song.

A celebration of life, footy, and all that is good in the world.  And the best afternoon / evening’s entertainment available in the city.


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