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November 23, 2011

The attacking fullback – lessons from Brazil that apply to the Oz NT

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Tim Vickery has written a bunch of stuff on how reliance on attacking fullback has lead to a corresponding decrease in offensive responsibility for the CMs.  Think Maicon and Gilberto Silva.  Shields.  Extra CBs in effect.

The advent of the attacking fullback did not mean that coaches had decided to increase their team’s overall amount of attack / risks taken …

what it meant was that some offensive responsibilities / opportunities were switched from CM to FB.  And if the FBs are always “switched on”, that means the CMs are always “switched off” …

So if you want to see more from the CM positions, it means seeing a bit less from the FBs.   Which I wouldn’t mind – variety is the spice of life etc.

And how have teams taken on teams that rely on FBs for attacking width or attack initiation?  Pin them back with agressive, wide, high wingers. Its been done to Chelsea, Brazil … plenty of examples.

Nothing new under the sun eh?

So when I read that Osieck is gonna take his “best team” to play against the Saudis in the last qualifier … I have to wonder whether that means much – cos his best team wasn’t particularly effective when faced against an opponent looking to exploit systemic weaknesses.


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