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November 19, 2011

Roar vulnerable – but unbeaten …

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What to think of yesterday’s game?  Hats off to the two teams.  Much better spacing and intensity than SFC vs CCM match.

Roar’s passing CAN be disrupted.  Brisbane CAN get the wobbles.  But it takes a fast, skillful, intelligent team display to do it.  Can anyone do that for 90 minutes?

They aren’t there yet, but Newc and Heart could be challenging for silver at the end of the season.

Massimo?  Probably he played well?  Good pressuring, always made himself available.  But expectations are now raised, and okay isn’t good enough anymore.  Shield the ball, stay on your feet, turn and play it forward.

Franjic an option at centre half?  Maybe.  Hingert looks good driving forward – wasn’t really asked to play high as a wingback though.  I think Franjic (and probably a lot of guys) have trouble with that wing-back role.  Rumbling on downfield with the ball at your feet can be easier from deep than being stationed so high up the pitch, and having your direct opponent keep much closer to you.  I think Franjic is doing the job in the wing back role, but it involves a lot more static play than a traditional attacking fullback role.  It stretches the play, keeps possession ticking over, but involves a lot less getting past your defender.

Issey needs to start looking over his shoulder … find those shooting boots or find a spot on the bench.

Would be interesting to know what Ange P wants from Meyer.  Is he on the bench because of a lack of work rate?  Would love to see him get more time.

My idea of a Brisbane plan B – Nichols at the tip of the front three coming from high to deep (false 9) but looking to turn and attack.  Berisha on the left staying high, Meyer on the right staying high.  Your three guys who consistently bring their shooting boots all up top.  Or Broich into central midfield.  Henrique or Broich could go into that Nichols role and Nichols stays at CM.  This set up emphasises passing to feet at speed … which fits with what BR is trying to do.

Or Brisbane magically finds someone like Heart’s Eli Babalj.  For a targetman to work for the Roar, he would have to consistently keep and protect the ball and have an excellent short passing game.  A Matt Simon style worker bee who throws himself around wouldn’t keep possession enough imho.


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