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November 18, 2011

Horses for courses

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Long ago, when I started out blogging – I thought that playing in Asia would lead to several changes in how the NT plays.

One thought was that you don’t ask a bunch of big strong players to go chase the shadows of opponents half there size in extreme heat / humidity.

Vinnie G was the posterchild for this problem.  Good player, but not in those situations.

Mile Jedinak, Joshua Kennedy, maybe even Lucas Neill are not gonna operate well in those conditions, against those opponents.  A cool evening in Germany / Serbia?  Yes, those are the guys you want. Even Holman, in the condition he was in – whether injured or tired, didn’t look like he should have been out there.  Anybody who isn’t 100% ready to go shouldn’t be out there in that heat, against those opponents.

Massimo Murdocca is not normally a name you would see thrown around in NT discussions, but in that heat, against those opponents, dunno if we have anybody would be better placed to a) pressure the ball in midfield on defence, and b) constantly move into open spaces to give whoever has the ball a short simple pass option.  Same kind of deal with Jade North.  Probably still the best athlete we have at centreback.  Cahill in a central midfield role?  He’d give smaller opponents kittens on set pieces – unlike Josh (who seemed well and truly covered by much smaller defenders).  In this kind of game I’d see Emmo being somewhere down the spine of the team.  Why not play him as a CB against this kind of opponent?  Or central mid (more value than Jedinak in this setting imho).

That setup probably doesn’t help in this situation either – I am calling it a 4 – 2 – 2 – 2.  With a midfield … Box?  McKay and Emerton tuck in to make space for the fullbacks but if the fullbacks aren’t joining in, you are using a very narrow, central slice of the pitch.  Very congested.  Not a good choice against such small, mobile opponents.

Hmmm, Holger is not the messiah, nor particularly naughty.  But he doesn’t adapt very well – in games or selection wise.  No Guus or El Tel is probably gonna take the manager’s role anytime soon, so we are probably stuck with mid-level international managers till some of our own coaches start to look the goods.  Would Ange P make a good international coach?  Dunno, still has to prove himself at the club level methinks (what a strange thing to write – guy has coached 3 national champion teams).  Could Aurelio have a big future?  GVE?  Branko?  Some guy we haven’t even heard of yet?  Paul Okon?  Maybe Nick T will come back out of the woodwork and suprise everyone.


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