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October 30, 2011

a little archie sparkle … and another diatribe on diving

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only saw the highlights, but but archie thompson with a smile on his face and the ball in the back of the net.  love it.

will try to keep this diatribe short.  but for the penalty – the commentators said that he was hauled down.  he was grabbed, let go, and then fell over.  how many “falls” after contact are unavoidable?  How many are there to make sure the ref does the right thing?  falling over after a foul is part of the game.  it is a skill that players learn.


October 21, 2011

The physical benefits of small

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Was at the Roar game, enjoyed myself immensely.  Still lots of room for improvement in the team.  Both in terms of individual skill and team understanding.  Which is good – kicked arse, AND can improve.  I like it.

But this post is about Massimo Murdocca.  Someone who did a lot with their time on the field.  Keep this up and he will be pushing his way into the starting lineup. The way he makes himself available, quickly receive the ball and turn forward (using very little space or time), his ball shielding.  And THAT through ball.  Loved it.

And how does he do all that?  Part of it is through his physical attributes (not in spite of them).

Small people have excellent hand eye / foot eye coordination.  Gymnasts are small.

Small people have have excellent motors.  Triathletes are small.

Keep this up and their might be big things in store for the little man.  Get into the starting lineup for the Roar, stand out in that starting line up, and there is a chance of getting into an Australia squad.

October 12, 2011

Australia vs Oman thoughts – not too bad …

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Apart from some problems in the defensive, middle and attacking thirds : )

Not the end of the world, not an inspiring win either.

Omani lapses in technique, concentration and positioning lead to all three goals.

And the funny thing about the “problems” I mentioned is that it is hard not to like the players that I think need to be replaced.  Lucas Neill had a very good passing game.  Except he also needs to play deeper to avoid being caught out for pace, stretching the team out vertically and reducing the efficacy of our pressing.  And I think what Josh Kennedy’s success in Japan and development as a player is to be lauded.  But Snod he is still awkward moving and is not really able apply pressure from the front.  Holman (in this game and the Thai game) as usual looked the socceroo most likely to make something happen. Intelligent runs, comfortable on the ball.  But is something not quite right?  Just doesn’t seem able to take the next step – better shooting on goal, consistently make the final pass.  Yes, he is good, but the team could really use him being better.

Valeri and Jedinak still haven’t been hit by the brilliant stick.  They have done as well as they can with the skills they have.  Nothing wrong with that.  BUT as a pair in midfield? That pair behind holman?

My solutions?  Not that they matter a jot, but hey, joys of blogging to yourself.

McKay and one of Valeri / Jedinak in midfield.  With McKay coming back to the middle, you lose his input at left midfield, but you get a better eye for the pass (kilkenny please), mobility and intelligent runs forward.  Harry K or Brosque at the pointy end.  Kruse on the left cutting in (with Zullo with a licence to push forward on the outside).

The back end, either Spira / Williams, spira / emmo …

eh, not gonna happen.

Oh well, I can keep on enjoying watching the roar play i guess.

This next round of quals could get very interesting.  South Korea is still looking strong.  Japan has good young players coming through, and have been playing recently with a tall targetman centre forward – one who meets crosses at pace.

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