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September 5, 2011

My dream roos set up …

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or maybe it is my stupid roos setup …

watching at suncorp – was happy to get the three points, but would not have begrudged the Thais the win if they had pulled it off …

was pleased to see Spiranovic out there, distributing the ball and playing a tad higher than Neill …

Silly – if I was Oz coach team and tactics …

Wilkshire           R. Williams          Spiranovic             Zullo

Emerton               Cahill


Kruse                                 Brosque                           McKay

Haha, it’ll never happen …

So how would they play out of this formation?  High line, compact, with pressing from the forwards as well as the mids and defenders …

Emmo would have a role as a knitter, with a licence to roam a bit, but he would have a role dropping back to make a back three (and let the fullbacks push up higher).  Williams would have a licence to carry the ball up, with Emmo dropping back in his place …

Cahill, as good as he has been closer to the action, would be the more static of the centre mids – his general technical ability, tackling and ball shielding would make him better than any current centre mid option we have at the moment.   Would we really want to start Brosque?  maybe not.  but I would stick with someone with similar attributes – mobile, pressures defenders, can run with the ball.

Is there space for HKewell once he gets some games under his belt?  Yes, there is … either in Brosque’s spot, or in Holman’s (with Holman taking Kruse’s spot on the right) …

hmmm, I like Jesus.  Love what he has done with his career.  Love the work he does for Nagoya … but for Oz I see him as a 30 – 40 minute impact player …

does he have the stamina and speed to press the way I want (since I have now been chosen as coach of Oz, haha).  Probably not for 90 minutes.

Is there space for L Neill?  Probably not …


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