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August 20, 2011

Harry K and that Centre forward-ish role he has been playing for the NT

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What I remember of seeing HK play in recent years for the NT is a small, but fit and strong, target man.  A lot of back to the goal work.  A guy who worked hard to shield the ball when he got it and bring teammates into the play.

Nothing like the kid who used to play wide left for Leeds so long ago.  Not even like the 2nd striker / # 10 like player who ran out for the NT in Germany back in 2006. That isn’t a criticism.  Players evolve over their careers.

My initial thought when I saw the role he was playing recently was that Harry was filling a role for the team because nobody else in the squad could do it.  But now I wonder if I had it all backwards.  With his injury history and loss of speed, was his move to centre forward a conscious choice?  A move made to get the most out of his talents?

I think a lot of football fans (self included) can sometimes ignore what is in front of their eyes and see something that isn’t there.  The first Barca vs Man U Champs final had commentators (who know a LOT more than I ever will) saying that Barca was playing Leo Messi as a right wing when in fact he was playing that between the lines centre forward false nine role. They ignored what they saw – because they knew that Messi plays right wing and cuts into the centre.  Which was true, until it stopped being true.

Will A-league viewers be shocked that they aren’t seeing the wing wizard running at defenders?  Will their new centre forward be unfairly compared against other A-league talents, even his own team mates?  I can already feel some unfair comparisons with Rojas coming on. Maybe even with Archie (if Archie gets his mojo back).



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