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July 29, 2011

Bohemians 1905 …

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Hmmm, currently following up on a long forgotten curiousity of mine …

the Prague based Bohemians 1905 club – whose  mascot / symbol is a Kangaroo

Wiki details the club better than I could

The write up of their 1927 tour in Ozfootball is a fantastic read …

When I read bout “Euro giant does pre-season tour of Oz” etc etc it reminds me of this team, and the feeling that Football’s history in Oz is worth knowing, worth remembering.  And Bohemians 1905 and their wonderful badge are a part of that …

Could we one day see them tour?  Or more realistically, see a Oz supporters tour to see one of a home game and an away game/with interaction with Bohemians supporters?  Friends that have visited Prague only had good things to say about the city and the country …

Daydreams – I better find a job with a higher salary : (


July 24, 2011

The Best Team wins the Copa America …

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Not the team with most talented players.  The best team.

This is not the same team that we played all those years ago in back to back WC Qualifiers.  No space in the starting lineup for a Recoba with guys like Suarez and Forlan around.

It is a great thing to see that there is space at the top of the game for smaller population countries.   Of course, Uruguay’s history, the gruelling preparation of the South American WC Qualification process, and the lack of competition for attention from other sports make comparisons between Oz and Uruguay a bit silly.

But, get our league and development structures right, get the right mix of players coming through, and who knows what is possible for Oz?

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