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June 28, 2011

Happy to be wrong

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I was one of those people who watched the first 100 minutes of the last A-league grand final, but didn`t see the rest of it.

No, I wasn`t one of THOSE people who left the stadium early.  Don`t know if I would ever think to do that; I was sitting in a pub up on the northside, on an uncomfortable bar stool, next to my girlfriend (who was patiently waiting for the game to finish), in an almost empty pub.

Excuse making over.

I have been watching football for making 6 years now.  Sometimes in a mad, obsessive way, some times not.  And based on those experiences, I knew the game was over.  The Mariners had done what they had set out to do, Bernie Ibini was giving the Roar defence fits, the momentum was shifting their way, the Roar had never hit the heights they are capable of in the first 100 minutes, Broich and Solorzano had quiet games IMHO.  It was over.  Teams don`t win from that kind of situation.

As I left the bar, I was wondering what the next day`s press would have, Roar choke?  Something like that.  While there would be praise for CCM, I was sure that there would be something about how Brisbane had let themselves down.

And then I found out they hadn`t.

I think there would have been plenty of people like, even people who had been watching footy all their lives, who would have thought the same as I did.  And we were wrong.

Being wrong about this makes me happy.  Seeing an Aussie team with the resilience to keep playing their game in those circumstances is a beautiful thing.  Seeing any team pull that off is a beautiful thing.  Even if I didn`t get to see it.



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