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June 28, 2011

Happy to be wrong

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I was one of those people who watched the first 100 minutes of the last A-league grand final, but didn`t see the rest of it.

No, I wasn`t one of THOSE people who left the stadium early.  Don`t know if I would ever think to do that; I was sitting in a pub up on the northside, on an uncomfortable bar stool, next to my girlfriend (who was patiently waiting for the game to finish), in an almost empty pub.

Excuse making over.

I have been watching football for making 6 years now.  Sometimes in a mad, obsessive way, some times not.  And based on those experiences, I knew the game was over.  The Mariners had done what they had set out to do, Bernie Ibini was giving the Roar defence fits, the momentum was shifting their way, the Roar had never hit the heights they are capable of in the first 100 minutes, Broich and Solorzano had quiet games IMHO.  It was over.  Teams don`t win from that kind of situation.

As I left the bar, I was wondering what the next day`s press would have, Roar choke?  Something like that.  While there would be praise for CCM, I was sure that there would be something about how Brisbane had let themselves down.

And then I found out they hadn`t.

I think there would have been plenty of people like, even people who had been watching footy all their lives, who would have thought the same as I did.  And we were wrong.

Being wrong about this makes me happy.  Seeing an Aussie team with the resilience to keep playing their game in those circumstances is a beautiful thing.  Seeing any team pull that off is a beautiful thing.  Even if I didn`t get to see it.



June 21, 2011

Japan u17s v France u17s

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Been watching bits and bobs of the first half of this one …

A spray pass here or there, some awful crosses, but generally seem pretty comfortable with the physical side of the game.

They went a goal down to a really nice goal, dunno if it was stoppable.  Probably not.

I get the impression they would unlock weaker opposition, but here it doesn`t quite seem like it is gonna happen.

The grassroots …

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People who play soccer have as much need to watch soccer as …

People who enjoy sex have the need to watch porn.

Note the use of the words “need to” – some football fans don`t play the sport.  Some people who play the sport don`t follow the pro game.

I saw something a while ago where Ian Thorpe tried to talk up participation rates for swimming and counting these people as fans of the sport.  I think there is no connection between the two.  I have racked up plenty of kms in the pool (over the years) but have no passion for watching the pros.

The whole “getting people who play soccer to save the a-league thing” needs to stop.

And so does the “Grassroots fans need to support the A-league so that there is a pathway for their kids” thing – it is a very small group trying to go pro … what are the chances of that happening?  And if your kid is one of the majority, just out enjoying themselves, why should you care about this?

June 20, 2011

A comparison that should not be made?

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One niggling thought was drifting along in my head while watching the Aus vs Serbia game, and it didn`t quite surface properly till a couple of days afterwards.

“I have seen better passing, moving off the ball, more compact lines, and better pressing from last year`s Roar”.

Its a thought that went through my head, and I am not really sure it is a fair one.

A friendly at the end of the european season, playing one aging CB who was just returning from injury, against a talented opponent … there were plenty of reasons for what we saw on our tvs.


June 10, 2011

Oz vs Serbia thoughts …

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Enjoyed watching the game.  Ish.  Where to start.

Maybe with something positive.  OK, some love for Archie.  No, he didn`t have a great game.  Yes, he faded and made some wrong choices.  He killed one air born pass with a lovely touch.  How many other socceroos can do that?  Once he did get active, he showed excellent mobility, linked up with holman well.  That layoff for Holman?  Sweet.  And the play where he shot at goal instead of squaring for Holman … again, we have how many socceroos who can dribble?

Archie, you rock.  Holman did his thing.  The socceroo most likely to make something happen.  Was it a bad thing that so much of our good play ran through him?  1 player can be stopped … eh, dunno.

McKay again did his thing.  I am very interested in the idea of little McKay playing in the centre of the pitch when the WC qualifiers come around.  He wouldn`t be playing against giants, and his nous, mobility and engine might be needed there.

My new phrase for last week was “a curate`s egg”

Jedi is a curate`s egg.  Sometimes his distribution just goes awful.  But then he will be okay for a while.  His work in the air, his tackle, and that free kick pile driver all make me smile.  But then he will pass to the other team while under no pressure.  It makes me sad.

This game also made me wonder about Valeri.  He showed some lovely glimpses of very good pass and move that really opened things up in the second half.  But at other times he was very average.

But how much blame can the men in the middle take when their central defenders are almost at the 18 yard box?  All the great attributes that Neill and Og-monster bring … is it worth it if the space between the lines is so wide?  Doesn`t that leave the central area exposed?  Compact it was not.  The difficult choice – Bring in defenders who can play a higher line.  Or bring in attackers with enough speed to counter and play on the break from deep.

Old man Emmo. Wonderful servant etc etc.  But is he the guy you want lining up on the right of midfield?  Time has not been kind.  I think he might still have a substantial role for the Socceroos, but I don`t think it is in the attacking third.  Hiddink used him around the park, and I could see him offering something as one of the defensive mids; a shuttling kind of role.  Or even at the back against the right matchup.

One last thought.  I know the futility of comparing our teams against the best.  Of course they fall far short.  Why make such a silly comparison?  But the last footy I watched before this game was Barca vs Man U.  And I made those kind of comparisons.  Even though I didn`t want to.  I wasn`t thinking about how skilful the Barca players were, or smart.  Or anything like that.  I was thinking about how hard they work.  The other attrbutes mentioned, no we can`t match that.  But work rate?  Yeah, international friendly at the end of a long season …

One last last thought.  Looking forward to seeing Williams get a chance at midfield or CB : )

June 9, 2011

The resumption of normal services?

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Life has settled down.  Ish.

Could watch the Oz vs Serbia game in comfort.

I enjoyed reading fellow netizens thoughts on the game.

And various thoughts about the game are / were bouncing around my brain afterwards …

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