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September 17, 2010

Run of Play’s Pele week

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Was brilliant stuff.

I learnt.  I was entertained.  Good stuff.

But their post on Brazillians’ attitudes to Pele made me do a massive rethink.  I HAD thought that it was a pity that the game’s greatest had played before my time.  Isn’t that a sign of decline?

Somewhere in that article I read something along the lines of – Pele won’t be topped, the spread of talent and excellence in modern football make this impossible.  It would be nigh on impossible for somebody to be that much better than their peers in modern football.

Pele’s place in the game, and the difficulty others face in taking over that spot, is a cause for celebration.

ps.  just watched the highlights of Arsenal and Barca’s midweek matches – it is videogame football.  utterly utterly brilliantly mad.


September 11, 2010

The best of times, the worst of times?

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I am pretty much completely out of the loop on the A-league …

looking forward to watching some games at the pub when I get back to Oz in October

but the vibe is really negative at the moment.

and I keep on coming back to a couple of character demonstrating moments from the last couple of seasons … why?  I am not sure, but hearing all the talk recently makes me think about the FFA’s attempt to appoint GVE on the eve of the season (2 seasons back?), and how the Fury 2.0 situation was handled (cancel all the players and coaches contracts?). The former showed a lack of consideration for its partner clubs, the latter showed a lack of statesmanship.

The move to a league full of non-ethnic base clubs … it happened, so we now have clubs in our towns that everyone can support.  Big tick.

A more professional, less autocratic power structure?  Jury is out.

Who knows what happens next.

Some further random thoughts from that training match

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Morimoto got the start, and showed his qualities – something just seems different to what the other Japanese strikers bring to the table, but he did not make a comprehensive, clear as day case that he is the better player than Okazaki (the guy who was getting time as the front man before the Honda as forward experiment at the world cup).

Iwamasa – the centreback is a no-nonsense, read the play, win everything in the air keep it simple centreback who should be starting for Japan all the time imho.  I am a fan.

Nagatomo – the left back, looks to have some newly found confidence after his move abroad … could he develop into a player who has the same kind of impact for Japan that Lahm has for Germany?  I think so.

September 7, 2010

Woohoo! Finally got to watch a game!

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Boo hiss!  It was a Japanese NT training match against Guatemala.

And no, I didn’t hang around for the end of it.

Well, it was fun in an exhibition match kind of way, and it was interesting to see the Blue Samurai after their recent WC showing, seeing some new faces get a chance … but like the matches against Peru and Belgium C last year, it was a training match for all intents and purposes.

Was fun to see Morimoto get a start.  And Honda was playing provider from a central attacking midfield spot …

I didn’t bother watching the end because neither team was particularly focused, just a bit of fluff, a training run.

We won’t really know about the knew coach, or the next edition of the Japanese NT till there are some points on the line.

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