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August 24, 2010

Can anyone see the funny side to this?

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I thought the Kewell – Slater bout was good for a laugh.

I’m gonna paraphrase here, and I will probably stuff this up, but didn’t HK’s manager say something like …

“No-one told Harry to f%ck off.  In fact, Scott Chipperfield was the player who didn’t tell Harry to f%ck off …”

So player X was the person who didn’t say the thing in the stories. Why talk about a specific player if it never happened?  Aha!  Methinks it did happen!

In the big picture I don’t care – they just have to go out on the field and do their jobs.


August 22, 2010

A mate pointed me towards this – interesting reading

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Attendences, or the lack of have been an issue for Aussie soccer fans for a while, so this was kinda interesting.  The lists got way too long, so I tried to reorganise things.

Above 30,000 average attendance – Bundesliga, Premier League

29,000 – 20,000 – La Liga, Prem Div (Mexico), Serie A, Ligue 1, Prim Div (Argentina), Eredivisie

19,000 to 16,000 – J-league, Football League, Serie A (Brasil), Chinese Super League

15,000 – 10,000 – Bundesliga 2, Scottish Prem, Turkish Super League, Russia Prem, Indonesia, Iranian, Algeria, Belgian, Korean, Swiss, Norwegian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Swedish leagues, then the A-league.

What is there to take from all this?  Well, maybe the first thing is that the A-league isn’t substantially lagging behind the rest of the world … It isn’t like the world is full of leagues with week in, week out packed stadiums and happy fans.  There is a big two, a second tier of healthy attendances with 6 leagues, and then maybe 4 middling attendance leagues.

It would be great to have packed stadiums every week, but a lot of traditional football countries struggle with attendance.  Think of the history of places like Portugal and Russia, and they get A-league like attendances.

August 19, 2010

2 speed sports and 1 speed sports

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The Aussie sporting market is an interesting place – and I figure the sports competing for attention in this market can be split into a 1 speed group and a 2 speed group …

Rugby League and AFL are the 1 speed sports.  If they are on, they have got people’s attention, and love, and money.

Swimming is probably the best example of a 2 speed sport.  At the Olympics and maybe at the World Championships, we love our swimmers, they’ll be flogging Wheatbix on TV and get a lot of attention.  But the rest of the time they will struggle for attention, love and money.  I’d also put Rugby Union into this category – WC time, and Super 15 time feel very different in terms of public interest.

A lot of people thought that Soccer would become a 1 speed sport – up there with AFL and Rugby League at the top of the Australian sporting hierarchy.  But it doesn’t look like its gonna happen.  Since the dawning of the A-league, it has been one of the 2 speed sports.  High interest when the big games are on, low interest for the rest of the time.

Can the A-league (and Soccer in general) gain that kind of constant, high level popularity?  Maybe.  But I don’t think it is the end of the world if it doesn’t.

PS.  I forgot to mention about the 0 speed sports – the sports don’t get attention.  Are the Kookaburras world champions at the moment?  Hehe, do you know what sport they play?

August 14, 2010

Mark van Bommel – I don’t trust my own judgement

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Here was something I was thinking about just after the WC, but never got around to writing.

In the last couple of WC games, van Bommel seemed like this strange master villain.  All he was missing was a funny mustache, a top hat and a cape, and a damsel to tie to the train tracks. It was amazing how he stayed on the field.  And rewatching how Timmy Cahill got red – carded, after seeing some of the stuff that vB did was quite flabbergasting.  Watching vB, it was like, it was like … watching a younger version of Kevin Muscat.   And a lot of the media I read was along the same lines.

I don’t trust my own judgement of van Bommel.

Now here is the strange thing.  vB isn’t a youngster.  I watched him play for Munich in the Champions league, for Barca a few years back too.  And never thought that he was particularly villainous.  Do mature players “change their spots” so drastically?  Overnight? Leopards don’t.

So I figure either I misjudged vB at the WC, or I didn’t notice his villainous nature/playing style when playing for other teams, because I don’t think that a mature player will change.  Either way, at some point, I was wrong about him.

PS. It’s like when Henry handballed, or Zidane got the red mist … the headlines of “Henry cheats”, and “Violent Billy Goat Zizou” really made me wonder “do people really watch these players?”, Henry was cheating for years, and Zidane had a history of reds for violent play.  They hadn’t changed their spots.

August 11, 2010

My hopes for the new Oz coach

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Don’t know much about the knew guy.  But I figure he doesn’t come with some of the past history of a Le Guen or a Sven G.E.

My hopes –

The coach makes a system in which the players understand their roles

The coach is comfortable working with our first string, second string and 3rd string squads

Friendlies are used to bring players into the national squad

The coach is capable of in game tactic changes and uses substitutions well

That’s all.  Oh, maybe that is asking quite a lot.

What do you want from the new guy?

August 8, 2010

gonna get quiet round these parts …

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well, already has : (

In the middle of packing for the great trek back to australia.  Cancelled the satellite tv subscription.  Thought about buying internet access to the A-league for a month, but wasn’t sure how many matches I would be able to watch, so I didn’t.

May jot something down if I catch anymore J-league games before I head back to Oz.

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