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July 27, 2010

Rewatching the Oz games

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I bought a satellite dish so I could watch the World Cup.  Most of the games were on free to Air, but I think the thing that swung it for me  was that only 1 of Australia’s games were on free to air.

So I bought the satellite dish and recorder, and hunkered down in front of the projector screen.  [Bad Clayton, stop gloating.]

And I told myself that I would watch the Oz games again.  Why? I paid for them.  I also felt that we might not have made it to SA if we were in the other Asian Qualification group (so being in SA was a thing to be cherished).  I also wonder if we will go to the next WC (I don’t expect our team to get worse, but if Iran, Saudi Arabia get their shit together, or if Iraq, China or Uzbekistan play to their potential, the going gets tougher).

Some utterly utterly random stuff from the games …

Unless we have a friendly against the Spanish U16s, I never want to see Timmy Cahill playing centre forward ever again. It was traumatising against the Japanese in the quals, and it was traumatising against the Germans.  Well, everything was traumatising against the Germans …Cahill’s is exceptional in the air and around the penalty box.  And functional outside of it.  A galloping gazelle with the ball at the feet he ain’t.  But it is hard to get the ball off him, his passing and movement are good, and he can hit a cross.  If the team presses up and spends more time in the other team’s half, then Timmy is the fulcrum.  But if the team is sitting back, I wonder if there are better choices for that behind the striker central mid … Bresc or Holman …

But, the coach and players turned it around in the last two games.

This team CAN play phases of smart, mobile ball possession.  But as soon as a bit of pressure comes, it can go out the window.  I would love to see them try to play through pressure more.  Is this a concentration issue?

I wish Chippers was staying on, even now he is a really handy wide attacker.

I want to see Wilkshire in the engine room – I think his future is in one of the central midfielder spots.  Top level attackers can show up his limitations as a defender.

As much as I respect what Craig Moore has done (even including in this tournament), watching Beauchamp do a job in the last game made me wish that the Beauchamp / Neil Combo had been used instead.

Watching the games again, some of my initial thoughts seemed off.  Ghana hadn’t outmuscled us as much as I had thought watching the game live.  It was a handful of times, which is more than usual, but not a major problem.  We had less control of the Serbia game than I thought we had. I cannot make any sense out of what happened defensively in the Germany game.

Did Pim get this team to play their best football?  No.  How far off was this squad from playing their best football?  Not that far.  Well, not far enough to crucify Pim for.  At times I think that he has used the players as a shield in the media (when other coaches would take the heat themselves), but compared to the meltdowns that Italy, England and France had, it is pretty clear that Pim wasn’t the worst coach at the WC.


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