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July 25, 2010

History – and the A-League’s lack of …

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Tradition – history … one of the things that the euro fans love …

Got to thinking about it after seeing Neil Z’s recent blog over on 442 Oz …

History.  How many teams really have it?  What is it?  How and when does it matter?

Nobody seems to particularly care about Wolverhampton’s rich history?  Or Nottingham Forest’s.  Does history only matter if you are still successful?

Does it matter if your current team is NOTHING like the teams that came before it?   The Arsenal that I got interested in, Wenger’s Arsenal, has little in common with the style of the teams that came before it.  Reading Nick Hornby’s book “Fever Pitch” you wonder who is this team that earnt catcalls of “Boring Boring Arsenal”, and “1 – 0 Arsenal”?

Even Barcelona, the beautiful club we all get misty eyed about, traces a lot of what we think of as “Barcelona”  are said to trace their style back to the coaching of Johann Cryff, and umm, Cryff’s old coach, whose name I can’t remember … how did they play before that?

What is Liverpool now?  Some of the stuff I have seen and read about Liverpool in the 70s and 80s seems pretty amazing.  There was a “Liverpool” way of doing things.  What about now?  Does the current team share any DNA with those glory years teams?

I am feeling more scatterbrained than usual, but lack of history doesn’t seem that important to me now … how many teams are really in touch with their DNA?  how many teams bear nothing in common with the teams that came before them, wearing the same shirt?  why does it seem like some team’s history matters but other team’s history doesn’t?


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