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July 15, 2010

Two different areas in CRAZYLAND … “IF”land and “ITWASINEVITABLE”land

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Footy fans, being stark raving MAD, like to cling to certain myths … at various times we have all gone to IFland …

if that pass had gotten through

if that shot hadn’t hit the post

if the ref hadn’t sent off timmy

etc etc

I go there too, but when I notice it, I remind myself “if my Aunt had balls, she would be my Uncle”.

An old wise saying that preaches that it is fruitless to obsess over counterfactuals / whatifs.

There is another part of crazytown that many people like to go to.


The Dutch were never going to win that final … ummm, Arjen Robben hits the goalkeepers leg when he has the best chance of the game, a 1 on 1 with the Keeper while the scores are 0 – 0. He scores more of those than he misses.  What was inevitable about the win?  The Dutch had chances to score, but didn’t.  Doesn’t sound inevitable to me. We could easily have been talking about a Dutch win.  A tough, tense, niggly thuggish game that went to extra – time.


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