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July 14, 2010

The day I turned paranoid …

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I remember it.  You remember it.  The Ireland vs France qualifier.  The hand of Henry.

We saw the video, we read the analysis, we felt the outrage.

Cameras around the ground, reams of footage, normal speed and slow – mo.  The mainstream media, the blogosphere … all were there to help up understand what happened.

If you wanted, you could overload on this media blitz.

I thought I had seen and read everything that was relevant to this game and the issues raised.

BUT then several months later … I was reading a piece at “Sport is a TV show” and watched this video

This incident – which looks to me like Shay Given hiding a pull on Anelka’s foot in the penalty box, was not part of the discussion of this game.

Why not?  Everything else in the game was pulled apart and analysed?  Is it because I misread the incident?  Given didn’t touch him?  The person who put the video on youtube thinks that Given fouled Anelka … so the incident is open to interpretation, at least.

So this was the day that I turned paranoid.  A material incident in a game is ignored by the football discussing world because it doesn’t fit the narrative that we want to create about the game.

And it is happening again.

Good luck finding the cynical grab that felled Iniesta … cos it doesn’ t exist.

The Dutch were thugs.  Somebody should have been sent off before this.  BUT take this instance by itself – Iniesta fell over without contact and got up asking for a card for Heitinga.

Some very smart writers and commentators, who have watched this game, watched this incident in slow mo, have said that Heitinga pulled Iniesta down.  Are we watching the same incident?  I believe that they are seeing what fits the narrative they want to believe in.

Or maybe my eyes are funny, I dunno.  And being human, I am also seeing the things that fit the narrative that I want to believe in.

What is my narrative?  Life is a rich tapestry?  That we can’t look at large complex groups and label them simply as “good” or “bad” (as happens in Star Wars.)


[Brain explodes]


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