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July 4, 2010

How the words we use can narrow our thinking …

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Striker – the big physical player who stands near the centrebacks and knocks the ball into the goal a lot

The game has moved on, some forwards get very few goals but enable their team to score and just generally play well.  Using the word “striker” implies that a forward that doesn`t score goals is a liability.

Winger – the fast skillful little guy who dribbles past the fullbacks and knocks in crosses to the striker

The phrase “inside out” winger implies that the player is not doing what they should be doing (the above).

Defensive Midfielder / Holding Midfielder / Screener – an auxilliary defender who plays just above the centrebacks, job is to spoil the other teams attacks

Schweinsteiger and Kadira … ummm.  Whoah.

Fullback – the guy whose job is to stop the wingers

OK, maybe this one is a stretch, but the Portuguese term use (which escapes me, but translates to “lateral”) just seems more balanced, not emphasising defense over offense.

Here are the words I like instead – Forward, Wide forward (or Wide midfielder based on positioning), Central midfielder (or deep lying midfielder).  Don’t really have any ideas for fullback, but that is where importing words comes in.  English uses loads of loanwords.  Why not start borrowing our footballing words too?  Regista is already pretty well known.  Couldn`t be too hard to borrow others.

The phrases we use can also channel our thinking in certain directions.

Who should partner Rooney up front?

This implies that two forward players is a must, that Rooney must have a partner in the forward area.  (Despite the fact that Rooney plays as a lone striker for his club … )

I`d rather win ugly than lose pretty

This implies that football can be split into two types, ugly and pretty (I prefer “Effective” and “Poor” myself), and that winning with “pretty” football is not possible.  Also implies that pretty is risky, but ugly isn’t.


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