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June 30, 2010

We are the World … (pt 1)

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I had a bit of fun rehashing stuff about how dodgy the top of FIFA is …

It is easy enough to find stuff on the internets about corruption, lack of trustworthiness and so on and so on in the top levels of FIFA …

FIFA`s main body, the FIFA Congress, is made up of representatives from its 208 member associations …

The Congress votes for the President, other individual roles and the FIFA Executive committee etc etc

One country, one vote (If you consider the UK a country, then they get four votes – one for each of the home nations).

So we are part of the whole process.  Blatter is dodgy?  The member associations chose him as their leader.  And we are one of the member nations.

So if the top of the organisation is rotten, we also have to accept that the member associations have responsibility for putting Blatter and co in these positions.

I remember having similar arguments with a mate about the UN – the UN is hamstrung, the international community gets the UN it deserves etc etc

PS.  Different story for IFAB, the body that controls the laws of the game – 1 vote each for the UK Home nations, and 4 votes for the rest of FIFA.


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