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June 30, 2010

We are the world … (part 2)

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We are the children …

We are the ones

Sorry, I`ll stop that.

Reading through Jonathon Wilson`s “Inverting the Pyramid” introduced me to a lot of new ideas.

One of those interesting ideas was that we Aussies are part of an unusual football culture – a branch of the British footballing culture – one that embraces the physical side of the game, looks down on trickery and technique, and especially on any cheating that can go unpunished. Times are changing, but I think the above is fair to say, looking at the long term trends.  (On the trickery issue, see the hiding that Nick Carle copped from the press and many fans for trying (and mishitting) an elaborate pass in a friendly).

So giving someone a good kick is OK.  But falling about is not.

Not everybody thinks the same way

I wanted to find something about what Argentinians think about the hand of God goal, but I couldn`t (anybody know any good articles?).

IF Everybody in the World thought the same way about simulation/diving/etc etc.  as we do, the punishment would be much harsher than it is.  As is, the current punishment for simulation is a yellow. It is a traffic ticket in the big scheme of things.

Yeah yeah, cultural relativism, if something is wrong it doesn`t matter that it is popular, eg. slavery, former practices of burning the living widows on their husband`s death.  But it really does seem to be something we will have to live with, as to date we have been unable to impose our thinking on World Football.   And yelling about it hasn`t changed anyone`s thinking on the issue so far.


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