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June 27, 2010

That was when it really hit me …

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So I am watching the Korea vs Uruguay match … cheering for Korea, our conference stable mates, but accepting that Uruguay was a good team that earned its place in the 16.

Korea worked hard, gave themselves chances to win the game.  But didn`t.  A couple of times some really good lead up work was wasted when an attacker shot tamely at the keeper. Uruguay`s first goal involved some really really poor Korean defending.

“You can`t fluff your lines like that boys.  The big show only comes around once every 4 years!”.  That was when it really hit me, the WC is once every four years.  You don`t want to stuff up when chances like this come around so infrequently.

Will you make the next squad?  You`ll be four years older.  A young upstart could take your place.  Maybe your team won`t even qualify?  Who knows when you`ll be in the final 16 again?

I am not saying “don`t lose”.  Somebody has to lose.  But what I am saying is that it must really suck to know that you contributed to your defeat through your own poor play.

ESPECIALLY this time, when everybody is looking at the other teams left in the comp and thinking “Yeah, we can take them*”.

* Everyone except Brazil.  The others have all shown signs of fallibility.


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