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June 20, 2010

Watched Last Night`s Games at a Bar

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Well, second half of Japan v Netherlands, and the Oz vs Ghana game.

It was a welcome change, being in a bar, I couldn`t hear the vuvuzelas cos of the other people, and because other people were screaming, I had a license to scream as well.  In other shattering news, egg centres are yellow and the sun comes up in the morning.

God, I spent so much of that Oz game in dread.  Surprised by the brisk start and the goal.  Dread after the handball and the goal.  Maybe the next thirty minutes were just dread.  Wondering when the winning Ghana goal would come.  They were stronger, faster and had better technique.  I wonder what the one-on-one battle stats that the stattoz guys make are gonna look like. Were we rescued by good organisation?  Writing this before I have had the chance to see other people`s reviews.

But then, somehow, without me realising when it started, Oz started getting some chances.  There was a lot of lump it forward, and some simple passes went astray, but we had them on the back foot.

The red.  Would most refs give that?  The ball hit him, with his arms slightly extended (not to arm level, but they weren`t by his side either).  Did he move his arm?  I`m not sure.  I don`t know what to make of this call.  A lot of people are gonna pronounce on this one, without knowing that much about the rule, or how it is usually interpreted.

Was Lucas Neill aging before my eyes?  Watching the danger the Ghanians posed, I couldn`t help myself, I had to tell my non-Ozzie buddies “Aaaah, the strongest Aussie centreback isn`t in the squad, and the fastest Aussie centreback isn`t in the squad”.  I could be totally wrong on this, but some of that defending got me pining for the Ogmonster and Jade North.  Or even Mark Milligan and Michael Beauchamp.  Maybe it was the madness of the moment … who knows if any of those guys could have done better?

Emmo brang some good ball retention, and some calmness to the play (something we could have used a bit more of), but I can`t remember any runs at the opposition.  Dunno if it the aging process, or just being matched up against a faster defender.

Carney wasn`t destroyed at left back!  Woo hoo!  Getting Chippers on a bit earlier would have been nicer.  My favourite gag line to non-Ozzie mates?  “Watch out for Chippers, he is the Aussie player who can dribble the ball!”.


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