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June 13, 2010

Fetishisation – or why Japan doesn`t put out its best team …

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Before I wondered why Honda Keisuke and Morimoto (I forgot his first name) took so long to get their chances in the national team.  And also why guys like Ogasawara, the J-league MVP or Iwamasa, a good centreback aren`t in the NT.

I think part of it is because the Japanese have created an obsession with safety first short passing football.

The Tulio Tanaka – Nakazawa centreback pairing is preferred because they are both can play the ball out and are decent footballers.  Even though one of those two alongside Iwamasa would be a better pairing.  But unfortunately for Iwamasa (and Japan), a no frills centre back who wins a lot in the air, makes good reads of the play and keeps it simple doesn`t fit with the national obsession.

Ogasawara?  Too many long passes, and too many of the passes go forwards.  Also, he was too critical of his teammates in the press.

Honda was kept out of the NT as long as was possible.  Not Japanese enough or something, too individualistic.

I got thinking about this because I was reading an article about how good the US team looked recently when they used a thoughtful, tempo controlling central midfielder.  And how it probably won`t happen again, as the  US prefers combatative, physical high tempo players.

Us Aussies?  Do we worship too much the virtues of workrate and physicality?


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