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June 30, 2010

We are the world … (part 2)

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We are the children …

We are the ones

Sorry, I`ll stop that.

Reading through Jonathon Wilson`s “Inverting the Pyramid” introduced me to a lot of new ideas.

One of those interesting ideas was that we Aussies are part of an unusual football culture – a branch of the British footballing culture – one that embraces the physical side of the game, looks down on trickery and technique, and especially on any cheating that can go unpunished. Times are changing, but I think the above is fair to say, looking at the long term trends.  (On the trickery issue, see the hiding that Nick Carle copped from the press and many fans for trying (and mishitting) an elaborate pass in a friendly).

So giving someone a good kick is OK.  But falling about is not.

Not everybody thinks the same way

I wanted to find something about what Argentinians think about the hand of God goal, but I couldn`t (anybody know any good articles?).

IF Everybody in the World thought the same way about simulation/diving/etc etc.  as we do, the punishment would be much harsher than it is.  As is, the current punishment for simulation is a yellow. It is a traffic ticket in the big scheme of things.

Yeah yeah, cultural relativism, if something is wrong it doesn`t matter that it is popular, eg. slavery, former practices of burning the living widows on their husband`s death.  But it really does seem to be something we will have to live with, as to date we have been unable to impose our thinking on World Football.   And yelling about it hasn`t changed anyone`s thinking on the issue so far.


We are the World … (pt 1)

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I had a bit of fun rehashing stuff about how dodgy the top of FIFA is …

It is easy enough to find stuff on the internets about corruption, lack of trustworthiness and so on and so on in the top levels of FIFA …

FIFA`s main body, the FIFA Congress, is made up of representatives from its 208 member associations …

The Congress votes for the President, other individual roles and the FIFA Executive committee etc etc

One country, one vote (If you consider the UK a country, then they get four votes – one for each of the home nations).

So we are part of the whole process.  Blatter is dodgy?  The member associations chose him as their leader.  And we are one of the member nations.

So if the top of the organisation is rotten, we also have to accept that the member associations have responsibility for putting Blatter and co in these positions.

I remember having similar arguments with a mate about the UN – the UN is hamstrung, the international community gets the UN it deserves etc etc

PS.  Different story for IFAB, the body that controls the laws of the game – 1 vote each for the UK Home nations, and 4 votes for the rest of FIFA.

June 27, 2010

The King is dead

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Long live the king.  Shunsuke Nakamura is no longer THE man on the Japanese NT, or in the Japanese public`s consciousness.

I always respected Nakamura, without becoming a fan.  He went to Europe, was successful.  Scored important goals for Japan.  I respected his calm play and ability to keep the ball.  But I never got the feeling that he was “special”.  His general play never wowed me.  I never saw him drive at the defence, or play the killer ball.  Rewatching the Aus vs Japan 2006 I thought he was quite peripheral, and wished that Nakata was playing in a more advanced position instead. The Aus vs Japan qualifier in Yokohama last year, I couldn`t shake the feeling that Endo was the more important player for the Japanese NT.

But reading about him on Wikipedia, watching some highlights from his Serie A days, I get the feeling that I didn`t see all there is to Nakamura.

PS.  Good luck finding a Keisuke Honda jersey for sale ATM.

That was when it really hit me …

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So I am watching the Korea vs Uruguay match … cheering for Korea, our conference stable mates, but accepting that Uruguay was a good team that earned its place in the 16.

Korea worked hard, gave themselves chances to win the game.  But didn`t.  A couple of times some really good lead up work was wasted when an attacker shot tamely at the keeper. Uruguay`s first goal involved some really really poor Korean defending.

“You can`t fluff your lines like that boys.  The big show only comes around once every 4 years!”.  That was when it really hit me, the WC is once every four years.  You don`t want to stuff up when chances like this come around so infrequently.

Will you make the next squad?  You`ll be four years older.  A young upstart could take your place.  Maybe your team won`t even qualify?  Who knows when you`ll be in the final 16 again?

I am not saying “don`t lose”.  Somebody has to lose.  But what I am saying is that it must really suck to know that you contributed to your defeat through your own poor play.

ESPECIALLY this time, when everybody is looking at the other teams left in the comp and thinking “Yeah, we can take them*”.

* Everyone except Brazil.  The others have all shown signs of fallibility.

June 25, 2010

A thought on Video

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Even after dozens of angles and slow motion etc good luck getting any kind of consensus on some calls.

Like Kewell`s hand ball red card.

coup de’tat?

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I don`t know how to spell coup de tat, and I don`t feel like checking.

But did a change of power take place in the Japan team and I didn`t notice it happening?

Honda Keisuke, who wasn’t starting for Japan a year ago, is now the starting forward.  And the boss of the team.  Matsui and Hasebe, who I thought were quite peripheral players (either not given much in game responsibility, or not taking it – i dunno) are now responsible for making sure that good things happen.  With Hasebe as captain.

And Nakamura Shunsuke is on the bench.

Whatever is going on, I like it.

2006 – 1 win, 1 draw, 1 loss

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2010 – 1 win, 1 draw, 1 loss.

but no second round.

The boys can hold their heads high.

But there is no Socceroos based boost coming for the A-league this time.  That is no great disaster, now its time for the hard graft – A-league clubs need to prove themselves to the communities where they are based.

And are hard times coming?  Kewell/Viduka level talents aren`t exactly easy to find atm.

June 22, 2010

When did that happen?

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When did I start caring about what other people thought?

When did I start caring about how my countrymen think about football?

When did I start wishing I could change their way of thinking?

When did I start getting frustrated about the fact that I couldn`t change their way of thinking (to mine, of course)?

So the real question is …


Checks head.  No teenage levels of hair.

Thinks about sex.  No teenage levels of hormones.

Looks in mirror.  No teenager in reflection.

So in summation.  Everyone is wrong.  Except for the people who agree with me.

June 20, 2010

Some thoughts from the Guardian

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I usually dig the way the Guardian looks at footy.  And their not being Aussie, I usually expect them to look at things with a bit of objective distance, which we don`t always get with our own media.

One piece from this article

He did not like the decision much, protesting with some justification that a fiercely hit shot from close range had hit him on the arm without giving him a chance to get out of the way, but the difficulty for Roberto Rosetti was that a goalbound shot had been stopped by an arm, whether the arm moved towards the ball or not. The laws demanded it had to be a penalty, and once that decision was made the present regulations insist a sending off must follow.

We could talk about the ref …

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Or we could get on with it.  Last night`s game is over, and we played better and earned a point.  And maybe some respect.

Soon we have a game against Serbia.  Maybe we can go to the second round.

What I have seen out there in forumland and in the Aussie media makes me feel a little dirty inside. The game is over, lets move onto the next one. “Ref ruins game”, “Conspiracy against Australia”, “Better off not taking part” “Italian cheats Australia again” … these are just some of the memes I have seen put forward by our forum-goers and our Football media.  WTF?

Guess we can`t use the phrase “whinging poms” against the English anymore.  Well, we can, but it will be extremely hypocritical.  Cos we whinge too.

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