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May 27, 2010

There is no money in Football …

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No, I haven`t been sipping on crazy juice … I think.

We keep on hearing about how rich and how big football is now.  But, there is no money in Football.

The Clubs?

Three quarters of the Premier League lost money in 2008 – some Guardian article I am too lazy to link to.

After their super-win-everything-available season, Barcelona posted a 6 million Euros profit.  As a member owned club, they don`t care too much I guess.

So the owners aren`t making money – ok, except the Glazers.  It seems to be a side hobby for rich men to look for glory or excitement.  The return on the dollar is pretty poor – wanna make money?  Invest in a supermarket.  Or something else banal that people use regularly.

And that is at the top of the pile … lower down the pyramids, teams struggle, teams go insolvent …

How about the Players?

We keep on hearing about their amazing salaries, and the clubs are poor because they pay so much in salary …

Take every player who has dedicated themselves on a full-time basis, and the average salary shrinks.  Think about acting – the majority of actors live hand to mouth, while a small number earn millions. What would the average actor`s salary look like?  If we say that there is money in playing football, then we have to say there is money in playing the lotto.  The odds seem about the same. “There is money in playing the lotto” – sounds pretty crazy to me.

The dedication it takes to make it is pretty amazing – there are guys running around lower leagues, if they had worked as hard at the books as they did at their footy, they`d be doctors, lawyers, tradies or engineers or something – earning more money, for a longer period of time.

The agents?  As icky as they may seem, the same arguments that apply to players apply to them.


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