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May 27, 2010

“the” 4 – 2 – 3 – 1

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Was reading the latest piece by Les Murray over at the SBS site – yes, The McDonald and Carle cuts.  Usually I like Les.  I liked this piece … but I think he slipped a furphy in there.

Macca and Carle don`t fit into “the” 4 – 2 – 3 – 1 …

Sorry, I was just teaching some kids recently about “the” and “a” … Tactics Sage (TM) Jonathon Wilson wrote about how two sides can use the “same” formation but have markedly different styles of play.  Our 4 – 2- 3- 1 really doesn`t look anything like the Japanese one, or the Italian one (at least, the one they were using in 2006), or the Spanish one.

It isn`t just the quality of the players involved either.  How compact are your lines?  Do you play high up the field or in a counter-attack?  If you do counter, how many players are involved?  What are your player`s skills / tendencies? – A wide mid-fielder like Ronaldhino plays quite differently to a Eduardo Valencia, both start wide, but what they do next is quite different.  The thing with formations is they tell you where people start, they don`t tell you about what comes next.

Macca and Carle don`t fit into “this” 4 – 2- 3- 1 would be a fairer thing to say … I think that Carle would fit into another 4 – 2 – 3 – 1, maybe one where one of the DMs has more freedom to get forward, has more offensive responsibility.  Same for Macca, he is a penalty box player, on a team that played a high line and a compact shape, he could be the centreforward, or he could play in the next line …

So to be totally fair, you`d say they don`t fit “this” 4 – 2 -3 – 1, but even that may not be true.  And if it isn`t I don`t really care.  The coach has the right to choose the people he wants to work with, and if that doesn`t include Macca, Carle and the OgMONSTER, so be it.

OgMONSTER!  Roar, crash, crunch.  I am a fan.  But what he has achieved is a story for another day.


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