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May 17, 2010

Random thought – what can`t you see?

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I am looking forward to a huge amount of WC game watching …

It`ll be fun.  Us armchair fans get to see a lot of stuff people at the games don`t – replays, slowmo, zoom – ins …

But a SFC game last season made me wonder about what we CAN`T see when we watch on the telly.

First, the game and the moment.

Late season, Corica is injured, and Aloisi is playing behind Brosque and Bridge … Aloise is bringing the ball up, MV defenders don`t commit to him, and then he drives in a lovely goal from a fair range.  The initial camera work showed Brosque running off the ball, stopping Leijer from committing to Aloisi.  But the replay was a bit zoomed in, and there was nothing to show that Brosque was involved in the play.  Maybe I saw a newspaper report that talked about this great solo goal.

But it got me thinking, what can`t I see when I watch on telly?  Sometimes you lose the overall shape of the play, cos the cameras are zoomed in.  Other times you miss off the ball runs.  Or how high the defenders are playing.

I think the football tragic once wrote about maybe having a live team diagram in the bottom corner of the screen … something like that would be cool.  Or getting to choose which camera angles you watch.

It makes me think that a fan who has watched on TV can`t get the full picture, so I am more hesitant to draw strong conclusions about the game maybe.  Was player X really crap?  What really happened out there?


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