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April 24, 2010

Me and Marquees – meh.

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I was just feeling good cos most A-league clubs were ignoring the opportunity to use a Marquee.  There was Fowler and Culina, and … a bunch of faux (not real) marquees, Vignarolli? Moore? Thompson? Sterj?  Aloisi?  And other clubs without a marquee.

It was being used as a salary cap prop, rather than as a marketing tool as initially intended.

I was glad.  I thought the marquee would die off, despite FFA headquarters wishes.

I am very meh about the marquee system.  I thought to ask myself why.

– It involves accounting silly buggery; this is in the salary cap, this is outside the salary cap … argh! just make a number.

– It made me think about America`s efforts to build the game back when they had Pele, Best, Matthaus etc …that went great, didn`t it?

– It panders to the casual fan (when is someone gonna pander to the anorak fan? sniff sniff)

– It emphasises the player over the team, remember that line “no player is bigger than the team”?

– It takes attention off other things the powers that be should be doing.

What should the powers that be doing?

– Getting pricing right – prices that make sense to the general public

– Making transport to games as simple as possible

– Doing whatever it takes to get consistently good playing surfaces*.   My God, that grand final surface was almost as bad as Wembley!

*This one is a doozy.

Robbie Fowler playing on a cow paddock isn`t too entertaining.  A bunch of no-names playing on a good surface that INVITES them to pass is more entertaining imho.


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