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April 13, 2010

world player of the year

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Matthaus, van Basten, Baggio, Romario, Weah, Ronaldo, Zidane, Rivaldo, Figo, Ronaldhino, Cannavaro, Kaka, C. Ronaldo, Messi … great players.

Some things stand out – Cannavaro is the only full time defender from this list (I don`t think Matthaus was a defender at this stage of his career? Could be wrong on that).  Van Basten, Weah, Ronaldo and Romario are the only strikers on the list.  The others are attacking mids/ 2nd striker /wing players.

I would argue that the list is weighted towards the dribblers/short passing players.  That is most watchers favourite part of the game.  The mazy run, trickery with the ball.  Nothing wrong with that.  Its what people like.  Hell, I like to see the same stuff too.

But there are other elements of football.  And people who excel at those elements of the game won`t be on this list anytime soon.  Deeper lying passing midfielders.  Defenders who read the game beautifully.  Full backs who play as part of the defence, and as part of the attack.  Goal keepers who control their area, and give their defence the confidence to play higher up the pitch.

Don`t cry any tears for these “others” that are left out of the World Player awards.  They are usually rewarded with their team`s success.


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