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April 3, 2010

Just because you CAN do something doesn`t mean that you SHOULD do it …

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FFA – “Good news”!  We will take over the NQ licence, there will still be football in Townsville next season!  Same stadium, same awful team name.  Same colours.”

Everybody else – “Yay!”

FFA – “Oh, you players and staff … come in on monday and we`ll start negotiating your new contracts.”

Staff and players – “But the Fury is continuing, and I have a contract for next year …”

FFA – “Well, that was with the old management.  See, we haven`t actually continued the Fury.   Your old employers went bankrupt and the old team, and your contracts are gone.  We have started a NEW club with the same name and colours.  So come see us on monday to negotiate your contracts.  Oh, except you in the corner – you are pretty crap, so don`t bother coming in on monday.”

The statesman like thing to do would have been to continue the prior “franchise” and honour current staff and player`s contracts.  MOST football players do not have an easy time of it – they are dedicated professionals who work hard to get where they are and have short careers.  And the FFA is using legal smart arseness to avoid honoring contracts signed in good faith.

They COULD have honored the contracts, but aren`t.

IF the white knight was a local business group, or businessman or whatever, the actions taken in restarting the club completely (letting the prior teams contracts lapse) would be understandable.  But it is the FFA.  And if anyone in Aussie football is supposed to act a bit stately, it is them.


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