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March 15, 2010

Understanding why it has taken Keisuke Honda so long to get an NT Debut …

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In the recent Japan vs Bahrain Asian Cup game, Keisuke Honda got his first start in the NT.  Captain of a European club team at a young age.  Helped them stay up when they got into the Eredivisie.  A move to CSKA in the Russian league.  Has started Europa league matches. 

And has watched from the bench as lesser players took the field for the NT. 

I could be totally wrong on this … but I got to thinking about the powers that be in Japanese soccer.  They have gotten a lot right – the J-League is going well.  Players consistently coming through the ranks … why would a player like this be sitting on the sidelines?

Thinking back to 2006, not only were there bad results.  There was also a very disjointed team – Coach Zico gave the Euro-based players preferential treatment, and the locker room was split.  I think that the only thing that the powers that be fear more than another round of bad results is another disunited squad.  This is Japan – conformity and fitting in are very important here apparently. 

And then I got to thinking about young Morimoto – 24 appearances and 5 goals this season … not worldbeating, but WE dont have any young strikers playing in Serie A atm.  Seems like he has been kept at arms length from the NT. 

Could it be that the powers that be in Japan PREFER for Japanese players to be bad travellers?  That they fear the J-league turning into a feeder league with the best young talent going to Europe ASAP? 

Some of the guys that have played ahead of Honda and Morimoto were either plain bad or just plain anonymous.


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