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March 5, 2010

Crazy Idea # 542 – Goodbye NQ Fury, Hello NQ Cowboys SC

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So the plan is to diversify the investment base.  The few businessmen who started this thing up north can no longer keep bleeding money the way they have, and need a hand.

(Why they didn`t think this would bleed money is pretty amazing – what, did they expect 20,000 fans a game?).

I think part of this diversified community base is NQ Cowboys leagues club.  Complete ownership?  Nah.  Major partner? yes.  Same name.  Same jersey colours.  (Eventually) Same sponsors.  It isn`t the biggest city, old Townsville.  And it is the rugby league heartland.

So why not make a big cross code love in?  Yeah, yeah – cross code wars etc etc.  Why would our League loving friends want in?  Why help the competition?  Well, their major sponsors and local government could get in on regional exposure and relationship building that just isn`t possible with league.

Imagine a pre-season tour to China, and of course sponsor reps would be part of the touring party.  Think mining types wouldn`t want a piece of that?

Nah, it couldn`t possibly work.  Couldn`t be done.  Stranger things have happened though.  And the current status quo is not gonna make anybody happy.


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