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February 19, 2010

Handing in my ABU card

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As a young man, who had just found football, I quickly jumped on the ABU bandwagon.  Anyone But manchester United.  They were the rich, uber-successful Empire forces of football, while, anybody else were the plucky rebel forces.  And Luke Skywalker.  And Yoda.  All rolled into one.

My choice of Arsenal as “my” premier league club was quite random.  An FA Cup final was on.  One of the teams was Arsenal.  The other was Liverpool.  Didn`t know anything about them.  So I just chose one.

But my second favourite team was ABU.  Somebody beat United – I glowed on the inside.  Man U won something.  Opportunity to watch them lose lost.

But I am handing in my card.  Watching the highlights of the recent Man U – Arsenal game, I still felt more drawn to Arsenal – but I was warming to Man U.  I thought that Rooney seemed rather imperious, majestic even.  I thought that they would look good as Champions.

What has changed?  Well, I have changed.  Happens to everyone.  But United are also changing.  With their owners bleeding as much money out of the club and the fans as they can, something feels like an end might be possible.  It could also be that there are no Cinderellas waiting to take the crown.  Those plucky underdogs from Chelsea?  Arsenal?  Yeah yeah, they never pay much in Transfer fees.  But back in 2006/07, their team wages bill was slightly lower than Man U`s.  So Arsenal are not really “doing it on the cheap”.

Could it have been the goal that I saw in those recent highlights?  Rooney gets the ball in his own half, sends a beautiful flighted ball to the wing, runs at least half the pitch to then slam the ball into the net with one touch.  This goal has stayed in my mind.  Quite a tasty one I thought.

But, there you go.  Go United.


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