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February 14, 2010

Random Thoughts – East Asian Championships: Japan vs South Korea – Our Stev Debroski reffed it.

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FFA might not be doing much to improve the quality of our reffing … and I know everyone loves to complain about the A-league refs.

But Stev was in charge of a fast, physical international.  And he did alright (I reckon Stev is one of our better refs).  Our refs will grow from this kind of experience.  Being part of a larger fraternity of refs.  International duty.  2 reds – both earnt imho.  Kept the game under control, but let it flow.  Nice Work.

As for the game; 3 – 1 to South Korea.  Junichi Inamoto – the former Arsenal squad member put in a decent shift; but I wonder if he should take more responsibility for the team.  Likes a bit of the niggle, bit of a tough nut, can make a slide tackle.  Tulio Tanaka let his team down big time by kicking out after getting knocked over in the box.  Diddums.  On the bright side, Iwamasa (from Kashima Antlers I think) looks a solid deputy if either Nakazawa or Tulio Tanaka get injured / lose form.  Nagatomo is one of the few Japanese players who will go for goal. Despite being miniscule, I wouldn`t mind seeing him in midfield – cos stuff happens when he is near the ball.  Okazaki spent too much time helping the build up play.  Which he is quite capable of doing, but which takes him away from his most needed skill – shooting the ball in the penalty area.  I could be so wrong on this – but I think Endo is a flat track bully who is anonymous in big games.  Just a feeling I get.

After early South Korea domination, Japan came back into the game (when both teams were 10 men each).  But all this lovely build up play had 0 end result.  I recall yelling “SHOOT THE BALL FUCKERS!” at the TV.

But lets take a moment to hail the South Koreans, cos the Blue Samurai are a broken record.

Strong on the ball.  Very good wide forwards/mids, who can keep the ball under pressure.  Purposeful play.  End product.  Hard running and never gave up on a run.  Did run out of steam after their defensive mid picked up a second yellow (for a second slide tackle that completely missed the ball).  But took Japan`s best, and came back to craft another solid goal and firmly put the Japanese in their place.  I live in Japan.  I like Japanese football.  I cheer for the Japanese team when Oz isn`t playing.  I was cheering each of Korea`s goals – the quality of their goals was easy to see.  You just had to applaud.

I would say they are the current kings of Asia – qualified first from the tougher WC qualification group, just beat Japan in a very one sided game, beat Oz in our last meeting*.

*START RANT – Oh yeah, I forgot.  That game against Oz doesn`t count, cos we had injuries.  Cos, you know.  Games don`t count if either team has any players injured.  How about lets cancel the World Cup if any of the 32 teams has any injuries.  Cos, you know, games don`t count if someone is unavailable through injury.  No – injuries are part of the game.  You play the game with the best players you have available – and you cop whatever result comes.  Blaming injuries / downplaying games because of injuries is merely pointing out how lacking in depth your team is.  Arrgh.  Urgh.  ugg.  END RANT.


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