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February 7, 2010

The greater evil …

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Big Rich Dodgy Russian Billionaire owned Chelsea got away with it.  Their punishment for taking a youth player from France was overruled.  So now the onward march of big rich clubs gobbling up every talented player they can find will just continue and gather pace.

I support this.

Because, on the other hand, 14 year olds should not be signing life and career changing contracts.  The kid was also punished along with Chelsea.  A suspension and joint responsibility for the huge fine Chelsea received.  For breaking a contract he signed at 14.  They can`t drink, can`t marry, can`t vote, can`t join the army, can`t leave school, AND definitely cannot take responsibility for signing a legally binding employment contract.

Chelsea are not particularly “good”.  But sometimes there are greater evils.

In researching Patrick Kluivert, I found an article about the Ajax side that won the champions league with Kluivert slotting the winning goal.  It was the end of an era, the Bosman rules had altered the landscape and a small club would not be able to keep its players like Ajax had, ever again.  On the one hand, some of the romance evaporated from the game.  On the other, how can anyone justify clubs holding rights over players who are no longer under contract?

Greater evil.


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