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February 4, 2010

the value of having Jason Culina in the A-league …

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When he isn`t stomping around yelling at teammates for the crime of not being as good as him, Culina has helped brighten up the A-league.

And reminded everyone of how some things should be done.

This is what a flighted diagonal long ball should look like.

And here is a quick trap and turn to face the opposition.

And this here is a cross!  A good one.  Remember them?

Cut backs, a good tackle.  You could continue. Others have praised his reading of the game, work off the ball and speed of thought – all with good reason.

But one thing that has been buzzing around my mind is the A-league kiddies.

See here kiddies.  This is how good you have to be in order to become a solid contributor to a decent side.  Culina was a solid professional in Europe.  Not a star, a solid professional.  In Holland.  In a team that has been to the group stages of the Champions league, a team that won it`s league.  But not the biggest team around.

Its the World`s game, and the competition is so cut-throat.  This is how good you need to be to solid.

The next Harry feels a long ways away.


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