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January 24, 2010

ronaldhino day dreams …

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This was sitting in my “draft box” for a long time.  Seems as good a time as any to publish it, even though the only thing I HAD written was the title.

So Ronnie isn`t going to the WC.  Some people seem a bit indignant about this … but he can`t really have any cause for complaint.

Some say he has betrayed his talent – failed himself.  Fair enough methinks.  There was a bit of a return to form this year, but it wasn`t a complete return.  He didn`t exactly own Serie A, or take over that Big Cup tie against Man U.  But something is better than nothing.

In the long run, I also think he will be remembered.

Seeing Ronnie on song is the kind of things that turn adult non-fans like me into believers.  You watched him and thought “Football can be like THIS?”.

Paolo Maldini (a professional with amazing longevity) he is not.  But I got a feeling that I will remember Ronaldhino long after today.


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