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December 31, 2009

2010 – a to do list

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What to do?  What to do?  Hmmm …

– Keep my next book in the house … so there is never not a new book to move on to …

– Never look at the same website 2 days in a row … I spend a lot of time zoning out reading about football or videogames.  Have I spent more time recently reading about games than actually playing games?  Too many game consoles available, too many games, not enough time …

– Watch a movie every week … a good movie really rattles around in my head and can move me emotionally a lot … I should be a movie buff.

– Each month, get a new album from an artist I don`t know …and delete 1 from my collection.

– Put a word ring on my key ring, so I can write down English words I don`t know when I see them.  Gotta work on that old word power.

– Do my own personal Triathlon – in one day, do the run leg, swim leg and cycle leg of a normal triathlon.  I really live out in the Boonies – no weekly soccer league to play in, no triathlons anywhere near my town.  There is a really big road bike race though.

What the fuck, I`m gonna sling some metaphorical shit at the wall and see what sticks.  List is about to get long folks.

– Summer night time picnic / bbq on the beach.

– Cook something I have not made before.

– Eat something I haven`t eaten before.

– Go to a live concert.

– Go to a dance club – with friends who dance.

– Go go-karting.

– Fall asleep at the beach listening to the waves.

– Cook a bread pudding.

– Make Hommus.

– Go fishing.

– Write letters to home, my bro, my sis, my nephews, Ali, Aimee and Yokosan.

– Go horse riding.

– A weekend in Sydney.

– Go to an Onsen/Food Ryokan.

– Watch a movie at some old Indy Cinema.

– Take a 2 day hike.

– Take a 2 day bike ride.

– Print this list out at work.


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