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December 29, 2009

How to spot a Soccer Fan in Japan …

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Well, when you meet someone and have the typical small talk …

How long have you been in the area?  Whats your job?  Where are you from?

It is the last one that lets you spot the soccer fans.  Every time they`ll get this big eyed, reverential look on their faces and say … “Kewell”.   Well, not quite.  With alphabets that use very different sounds, it comes out sounding more like “Kue – weh rue … “.  But anyways.

The point is that our Harry is treated with great respect over here.  And he is the first thing any soccer fan will talk about when you mention you are from Australia.

This conversation just played out again – with the guy from the rent-a-car company after returning the car after a recent road trip.

It got me thinking about our Harry.  For me, he has been that guy who could have been something special if his body had held up.  I wasn`t into soccer before his wheels fell off.  I got interested about the time when he was on the treatment table at Liverpool.

But you look back, you watch highlights from the Leeds days and you can see that the guy had magic dust on his shoes.  Harry Potter with a ball glued to his shoe.  He was nominated for the Ballon D`or back in 2001.  Didn`t get any votes, but still.  The most acclaimed Aussie player ever.

And the soccer fans I have met in Japan?  I never get around to telling them that their isn`t another Harry Kewell on the way.  Looks like Harry was a one off for Australian soccer.  Lots of solid young players, but they don`t have magic dust on their shoes.

Excuse me, going back to Youtube to watch some old Leeds highlights again.


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