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December 25, 2009

My A-league …

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When I take over running the World, this is how I will run the A-league …

A first past the post league based on a balanced home and away.
A simultaneously running knockout comp, lets call it the Australia cup, including A league clubs and top state league clubs.
A pot of money for clubs to receive based on the year`s performance (1st gets more, last gets less).
Staggered entry into the next year`s Australia cup based on league performance (1st joins the cup later in the competition whilst last enters the competition right at the start).

I saw something about the MLS awhile ago … teams get to go on different pre-season tours based on last season`s standings … do well, you do the tour of Hawaii, do badly you do a tour of Mexico.  Something like that.  So an A-league version would be something like … Top two teams get sponsored as the Australian tourists of Western Europe.  The next two get to tour through South America, the next two get a tour in Eastern Europe  … you get the drift.  An alternative would be winning the right to face visiting tourists instead.

But until then I guess I`ll cop whatever the FFA puts on.

Here is a question though – as a fan, would you prefer if your club won the Prem or the Champ?  Okay, a genie has told you you could have one or the other, but not both.  Which do you want?  I want the Prem.

I am not a Victory fan, but respect what they have done winning the Premier`s plate and the Championship twice.

Are there teams that have hit form at the right time or just plain got lucky to win the Championship?  I think so.  Does that make them the best team of that year?  I don`t think so.

PS. I latched onto this rant/post idea after spending time at the Roar forums … and a lot of people were talking about how this system is flawed or that system is flawed – I have to admit that First Past The Post isn`t perfect.  It is possible to be a poor champion in whatever system humanity can devise.

I do think that there is more possibility for being a poor knockout champ than a league champ.  Or maybe it is just that I prefer consistency.

PSS. The least that the FFA can do for nutters like me is find a way to have a balanced league season.  I am not expecting to take over the world anytime soon, so my plans will stay in my daydreams … but I can hope for a balanced league season at least.



  1. Thanks Clayton san
    Unfortunately the only reason that Victory are doing so well is because the FFA keep changing the club rules to give them an advantage. I understand why, they have most of the game’s fans now. So FFA changed things, quietly, do they could have Thompson, Hernandes and Muscat – 3 marquees where other teams (like Brisbane) struggle for 1.
    Of course they are going to dominate. But if they didn’t would the fans stay?

    Comment by john — December 27, 2009 @ 2:47 am

  2. If I knew some Melbourne fans, I`d be curious about what they would have to say about the FFA giving the Vic special treatment / advantages. I don`t know enough about how the group came together etc to have an opinion. Is this about Muscat`s wages not counting against the cap because he is counted as a part – time coach or something? I think I saw somewhere that no-one really expected archie to come home when he did, and that vic was the only club to talk to him at the time. But, again, I don`t know that much about how the Victory is run, so I`ll abstain from an opinion on the fairness of their recruitment / player payment stuff.

    But I do know that the fans kept coming even after they came second last in the first season, and after the hangover they had after their first championship when they missed the four team play-offs.

    Comment by notyalcsdrawkcab — December 29, 2009 @ 9:49 am

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