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December 22, 2009

The more things change …

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Bought referees.  Fixed matches.  Drug use.  Amoral (that means “no morals”) play based on a “win by any means” philosophy.  Football as the play thing of unsavoury powerful people. This is stuff I have been reading about in Jonathon Wilson`s “Inverting the pyramid”.  The book is a history of tactics, but these tales of football`s dark side are there on the edges.  Pretty much since play was professionalised – the 50`s?

Don`t like Abramovich?  You probably wouldn`t have liked the dictators who patronised Brazillian, Spanish and Argentinian football back in the good old days either.

Didn`t like Henry`s recent handball to knock the Irish out of the World Cup?  It`s not a like for like comparison, but it made me think of Argentina`s Estudiantes when they were winning Intercontinental Cups by any means necessary – most of them thuggish.  For me, the amorality is the same.  Yeah, the easy connection was the “hand of God”.

I don`t think that modern crimes should be excused because “hey, its always happened”.  But I do think that people need to stop harking back to the good old days … cos football, being full of people, is full of dodgy shit.


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