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December 12, 2009

Learning to like Jack Warner …

Filed under: Football — notyalcsdrawkcab @ 9:23 am

Recently, watching respectable news sources talk about FIFA and FIFA heavyweights as if they were respectable, trustworthy people felt a bit … galling.  They are not.  Google search “Andrew Jennings” and “FIFA”.

But, recently, I had a change of heart.  Reading another article or blog post about Australia`s World Cup hosting bid, and the merit of the bid, I thought “FOOLS!  The winning bid will have little to do with the relative merits of the competing bids!  The deciding process will involve bags of cash, drugs and beautiful loose women.”

Then I thought, “Hey, these fuckers sound pretty cool.  Jack Warner would be a cool guy to be buddies with.”

Everyone likes the Austin Powers movies, because of his roguish goofiness.  But Austin is such a faux rogue.  A wannabee.

The guys that run FIFA?  Nothing faux about their rogue-ishness.

I like these fuckers.  Party on Jack.


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