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December 4, 2009

A coach`s dillemma – do your players fill a role, or do you get them to do what they do best?

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We spend a lot of time in Oz worrying about the skills that our players don`t have.  Player X can`t cross.  Player Y can`t pass or dribble with his left, Player Z can`t hit a barn door.

Jonathon Wilson has another excellent blog up at the Guardian looking at asymmetry and England`s lack of a left winger.  Poor England, they only have Steven Gerrard.  If you told Steven Gerrard to fill the left winger “role”, he`d do it pretty badly methinks.  Beat his man to the outside on the left?  Hit a running left footed cross?  Luckily Capello doesn`t ask him to fill this “role”, he asks Gerrard to do what he is good at.  The interplay with Rooney and the overlap from Ashley Cole works pretty damn well.  They toyed with a Croatia that was probably better than the one we played at the last WC.

Maybe player X shouldn`t be out there in crossing positions.  Are there other things they are good at?  Maybe they should do those things …

Pim is a role guy … Scott Mac the lone striker was an interesting experiment, but there are reasons for why he doesn`t play there with his club team.  The future plan that dictates that national teams should use a 4 – 3 – 3 smacks of choosing roles before you have even seen your players …

You want to see the general skill levels go up.  Professionals should have a good skill base.  But maybe we miss out when we focus on what we can`t do without considering what we CAN do …


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