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December 2, 2009

I find myself more interested in whatever comes next for the Socceroos after the World Cup more than the World Cup itself

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Is that strange?

I am expecting Australia to be mentally strong, avoid a tonking, maybe grind their way to the round of 16.  Not the most exciting exciting story to be found in the next world cup.

But after that?  Adjusting to life after Harry.  The next coach.  Getting to the Asian Cup (and trying to win it).  Qualifying for the next world cup.

We should want the Asian Cup – imagine the English not wanting to win the Euro cup …

Gotta respect the work Pim has done, but you don`t have to like it.  Will the FFA go local for 2 years again to save cash?  Is there a local coach better than Graham Arnold?  Call me crazy, but I love the interchanging, love-the-ball hippy commune that Ernie Merrick is running down there in Melbourne.  Dunno if Ernie is the man for the job – ok, he probably isn`t – but a more organic, dynamic Oz side would  be fun to watch.

I figured that the current quals would have worked out as South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Australia going to the World Cup.  North Korea and Bahrain had other ideas about that.

So the next World Cup quals are potentially very tasty.  If North Korea and Bahrain can keep playing at their current levels, you have a chasing pack of Saudi Arabia, Iran, China and Uzbekistan trying to raise their level and take someone`s World Cup spot.

I am expecting at least 6 serious contenders fighting for 4.5 spots.

More looking forward to the World Cup as a whole … I have put back my returning to Australia date so I can enjoy the World Cup on my projector setup in my current apartment.


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