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November 20, 2009

A game is a series of moments …

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90 minutes and injury time of moments.  Teams possessing the ball.  Teams trying to get possession of the ball.  Teams organising themselves so that the opposition`s possession is less dangerous.  Players making passes, tackles, dribbling … players stuffing up passes, tackles, dribbling.  Teams attempting to attack.   Teams attempting to defend.

And it all flows together so nicely.

So my question is, can a game`s outcome swing on 1 moment out of this multitude of moments.  That moment, that was when the game was won, or lost.  If this moment was different, it would have been a draw.  Or a win for the other team.

Some games are so one sided that it feels foolish to look for that magical moment that turns the game – Melbourne vs Adelaide grand final (the first one) cough cough.

Most aren`t though.  How about the second Melb vs Adel grand final then.  Was Christiano`s red card “the moment” that changed the game?  Or was it Travis Dodd`s inability to finish off after his excellent dribbling runs?  Or was it Galekovic making the kind of mistake he usually doesn`t make for the Tommy P goal.  Or was it another moment in the game.

I don`t think it is possible to point to one moment in a game, and say that moment defined the game.  Feel free to disagree.

I don`t accept that the penalty in the Australia vs Italy tie at the last World Cup defined the game.  One moment in a multitude of moments.  Australia had chances to make the penalty less important (by scoring a goal or two or three) in the time before the penalty.  We didn`t.

On the same basis – I don`t accept that the defining moment of the France vs Ireland tie was Gallas`s goal from Henry`s handball.  Could the Irish have scored before, or after this moment?  Could have, but didn`t.  Maybe if that Tottenham striker (forgot his name) could handball (without being caught by the ref), then the game could have been different.

That reminds me, I got to write about the butterfly effect and how it relates to football one of these days.


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