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November 15, 2009

Do we really respect Asia?

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I remember back when the move into Asia was announced.  Seemed like there two camps of happy Aussie football fans – Group 1 was happy that there would be more serious games against better opposition, and Group 2 was happy to avoid a sudden death play-off against the 5th placed South American every 4 years.

Tried watching the end of last night`s game on JustinTV – which kept on disconnecting me every 10 seconds because “the maximum number of connections from your country has been reached – sign up to Justin TV premium!”.   This morning I had a quick scan through some of the forummy type spaces about the game … and most of the posters were saying stuff like – “We were lucky”, “God we played shite today”.  There was a rare post or two along the lines of “That Oman team is pretty good.”  For a lot of the Australian fanbase it is all about us – we should be wiping the floor with Asian teams.  They don`t have Premier league stars like we do (forgetting Park Si Jung at Man U of course).

The centre of the footballing world is Europe – the players, the cash … the best migrate there.  The only non-European countries to lift the WC Trophy are South American.  Asia and Africa have a long way to go to get Europe and South America`s respect IMHO.

But are we too quick to dismiss our Asian opponents?  They don`t play in Europe, we don`t know their players … but they love footy and they can play.


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