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November 7, 2009

there`s no fullbacks!

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I was thinking recently about the 4 centreback defence that Brisbane and the Aussie U20 squad used recently …

I know the people making these decisions are smart people , football people who understand more about the game than I ever will …

But I got curious about the thinking that goes into these choices.

Is it really a case of there being no fullbacks in Oz … or just not being happy with the ones that are available?  Too small.  Too slow.  Can`t hit a cross.  Not strong enough in the tackle. Not Dani Alves or Maicon.

I think they are out there.  Brisbane pulled Franjic out of state league – not only did they find a better full back than Luke De Vere (the centre back they were playing out there), I think he is better than the team`s first choice right back – Andrew Packer.  There isn`t a left back in the state league that could do a better job than Josh Mcloughan on the left?  There has gotta be one out there.  Or converting players is a choice.  I think that if Mike Zullo ever gets back onto the field, I would be interested to see him try the left back slot.  In the NT neither Chippers or Carney played in defence before …

But these aren`t stupid people making these choices – i think that a trade off is being made – choosing a bit more defensive solidity and height at set pieces (by choosing centrebacks) rather than getting better playing out from the back and support for the attack (the fullbacks).

I think I can understand why they make this choice, but don`t necessarily agree with it.


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