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November 7, 2009

melbourne vic vs CCM – random thoughts

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Melbourne looked dangerous at the start … but then CCM took over the midfield.  And it all just happened from there.  A deserved win.

CCM have a lot of haters.  And it is easy to see why.  But whatever the hell it is they are doing when they click – I like it.

They are not gonna win too many pass completion contests, or keeping possession contests … but they will win football games.  They did tonight.  They seem to move in packs, surging forward.  Past their own forwards. They just kept on kicking it forward, and going forward … and it worked.  Very comfortable without the ball.  Once they won the midfield battle, they didn`t have too much trouble with Hernandez and Thompson after that.

There is some nous and nice touches with a guy like Hutchinson about.  I like how Pedj Bojic plays at the base of the midfield – does a stack of defensive work, positions himself in front of the defenders, but when he sees an opportunity to join the attack, he does.  Unlike Grant Brebner. Nicky Travis gives them some run-at-defenders, comfortable-with-the-ball-at-his-feet X-factor.

And what`s with Muscat.  The guy looks almost as mad as a typical forum poster.  Baddam boop.


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