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November 2, 2009

sydney v welly thoughts

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Just recovering from a saturday night of bar hopping, so this is probably all a bit random. 

I am a big Mark Bridge fan.  But I also realise that he doesn`t consistently use his talents through most games.  If he could take his best moments from say, 3 games, and jam them into 1 game, he probably wouldn`t be in the A-league.  But he can`t.  I have similar thoughts about Travis Dodd.  But right now, Bridge is producing more good moments than he usually does. 

Alex Brosque is not “fast”.  Had to giggle when I saw the commentators raving about his speed.  Ben Sigmund is slow.  Brosque is one of the few A-league players who can run with the ball at their feet though.  It was a hell of a goal.  If he keeps on playing like this, I don`t think his coach will mind how many goals he ends up with this season. 

Leo Bertos is another player who can run with the ball at his feet.  Pity he doesn`t do it more.  If I was more of a caps lock using angry internet man I might call him a waster.  LEO BERTOS U UTTERLY ANONYMOUS TALENT WASTING TYPE PERSON!!! AAARGH!!! 

I miss seeing Danning on the park, but it is hard to argue with a functioning, solid 11 that is doing a good job atm. 

John Aloisi`s role is to remind Brosque and Bridge that if they have a bad run they are heading for the bench.  He isn`t bad, he just doesn`t add much to the team.  IMHO.

Time to teach my morning classes.


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