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October 30, 2009

the happiness of the danes

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Or was it the Norwegians?  One or the other.

Anyways, some researcher made a “happiness” league table of countries, and the Danes came out on top.  It seemed that the reason was the Dane`s thoroughly glum outlook on life.  If you expect bad things to happen then you won`t spend much time stressing or feeling bad when they do.  A gross oversimplification, but close enough I figure.

I feel a lot of glumness on the interwebs re Aussie soccer atm.  The crowds are down.  The socceroos are dour.  Your team (perhaps) sucks.  The general quality of the A-league sucks (depending on your opinion).

The glumness can be beaten in several ways.  One way, the least likely way, is for the environment to change – crowds go up, the socceroos go roy-of-the-rovers-ish, your team goes r-o-t-r-ish, or A-league games start looking like my games of Pro Evo Soccer Wii. This is the LEAST likely thing to happen.

Choice 2 – find another hobby or team.  Mr Hamish pointed out that Brisbane fans have the chance to support a very talented, successful, not-dysfunctional womens team at a good stadium at a good price.

Choice 3 – Re-adjust your expectations.  One theory is that sadness is caused by a gap between reality and what you expected to happen. The Danes don`t have to do this, they were expecting a flying a dinosaur to shit on their heads this morning.  Or something else like that to happen.  Your team sucks.  Is your glumness caused by their suckiness, or by your earlier expectation/hope that they would “ROCK!!!”?  I argue that it tis the expectations that cause the glumness.  Adjust them and that smile will come back.

Choice 4 – Madly find silver linings.  Woohoo!  A-league crowds are down!  Now the plastic new “franchises” have to give up some of their smugness and really work at relationship building with fans / communities (not looking at you CCM, you sound rather nice).

I am doing a bit of choice 4, but I am mainly into choice 3 atm.  So, lets have a cup of tea and enjoy some footy, shall we?

PS.  Just watched the highlights of Welly vs GCU.  How many times do you hear the phrase “they could have had 6 goals before the break”?  Faint praise as it highlights the dominant teams lack of putting-the-ball-in-the-net-ness.  Bravo Welly for turning dominance into goals.  Will they tonk another team this year?  I have a feeling it is quite possible.


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  1. A good summary I reckon. And yep, I reckon I was probably guilty of over-expectation of the Roar, but even that was under Frank. I don’t have strong expectaions either way now, as I just don’t know if Ange can do it or not. No question I’ll be happy if they have a new surge of success though.

    Meanwhile, as you say, Option 2 is available, especially for Roar fans. Today I watched the girls, for $5 (I know I keep saying), thrash Perth 6:0. Beautiful tactical play. I don’t think there was one long ball, but all from the back, including from the keeper. After every goal the girls attacked again, looking for another. There was not a hint of diving or theatrics.

    As someone said on one of these blogs, the key to enjoying the women’s game is getting used to the slower pace. It is distracting at first, but you get used to it, and so many of the other enjoyable things about the game are better if anything.

    Honestly, I reckon this team could play competitively, and maybe win, against any women’s team in the World, and I can say that with a completely straight face.

    Comment by Hamish Alcorn — October 31, 2009 @ 11:08 am

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